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Spenser Davis Two Cultures Blog

 My name is Spenser Davis and I’m a 4th year biochemistry major. I’ve always regarded myself as creative. However, I developed a certain attraction to science and investigative thinking in 5th grade and somewhat departed from the creative side. I never really considered a career in art and thus didn’t see a need to pursue it. I’m taking this class because I wish to explore how science can be applied in an unrelated field.

            Stephen Wilson (2000) mentions that artists might have the creative capacity to do research but, because of their lack of technical training, not the proper …

My Life in Relation to the Two Cultures

My name is Jen and I am a Psychology major. In particular, I think my background of Psychology really made the lectures by Professor Vesna quite intriguing. I was able to connect what she talked about to what I have learned through my college years. However, fortunately, Psychology is right in between South and North Campus with the inverted fountain. I have previously taken art courses to fulfill my general education along with hard sciences. Thus, I can say that I’ve been acquainted with both fields. I do feel the separation of the two cultures and I practice stereotypes myself. …