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My Relationship to Animals

First and foremost, I love animals. I grew up having had birds, chicken, turtles, hamsters, fish, etc. I currently have two dogs and plan on becoming a veterinarian. Even with my early childhood exposure to animals, I still didn’t know I wanted to become a veterinarian until last year. Within this year, I have learned a lot and grew a lot. I grew from an animal lover to a knowledgeable animal activist. I learned about the problem we are having with dog and cat overpopulation. Millions are currently euthanized a year due to lack of homes. Additionally, animal cruelty that exists in our community motivates me to do what I want to do, which is to have a non-profit rescue. I want to save them all, but I know I can’t. Thus, I have learned to accept the ugly truths and try to make changes from there. I will live to educate people on how to be a responsible pet owner and how to NOT support puppy mills and backyard breeders. Unfortunately, most of us have fallen victims to these greeders. I would sum my relationship to animals as a nurturing one because they have taught me a lot. My dogs have taught me patience, love, and responsibility. I also find it much easier for me to talk to others about animals then any other subject. However, my relationship with animals doesn’t just stop at dogs and cats. I also love wild animals, which is why I can never go to the zoo. It pains for me to see them caged up. I believe that they should be in their habitat and live their lives. Due to my love for animals, I have also become more conservative with energy usage. I want to minimize my carbon footprint and not contribute to global warming. Everytime I think of global warming, I think of dying polar bears. Thus, my relationship to animals has definitely made me into a better person.

Here’s a fact sheet for those interested!

Info. on what is a puppy mill:

Why zoos shouldn’t exist!

I really can’t say I’m surprised at what happened to Steve Kurtz. Our government is flawed, but many just sit and let the injustice get by. I’m glad that he didn’t get incarcerated, but there are many others who are not as lucky, such as Troy Davis. After watching the video, it really made me think what I would have done. I also wondered if I would have signed the petition for Steve if I was his student. I made me sad to hear the students’ responses when Phil had asked them to signed the petition. It made me see that we are all locked up mentally! Other shocking parts of the film was when the FBI saw the invitation in Arabic and assuming terroist acitivity. Then, how the FBI continuously try to set up traps to get him to say what they want Steve to say. The invasion of privacy is very scary! At anytime, my phone conversations can be listened to by others! I think “Strange Culture” was a great way of educating the public on what’s happening. Nevertheless, what Steve Kurtz and Robert Ferrell had to endure definitely serves as a wake up call to what our government is doing and hiding from us! All Steve Kurtz and Robert Ferrell was trying to do was to educate the public so people don’t have to live in fear of what they are eating.

My Dogs:




Jing (Sophie) Xia

04 / 24 / 12


I support your rejections of

I support your rejections of puppy mills and zoos. I have done research on them myself and have found that these animals often live on very limited resources and less than ideal environment. Most importantly- they are only kept alive for the sake of profit and profit ONLY. Hence, owners of these zoos and puppy mills will sacrifice these animals’ living conditions as long as they gain maximum profit. I’m glad you set on educating people about this!

George Lai

04 / 24 / 12


Dog encampments

Sadly, this is just the surface of it. I am sure you have heard of people eating dog meat which is one huge step further and downwards towards such an depressing low of humankind. I could never imagine this since I have two dogs as well; it is just so atrocious. This is difficult to change because it has been culturally accepted in certain countries and in order to change it, this would need tremendous influence from possibly high-profile activists or from a political source.

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