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Part II

Part III

TEDxAmericanRiviera – Diane Gromala – Curative Powers of Wet, Raw Beauty

Orlan – Carnal Art (2001) Documentary


Recommended Readings:


Artists > Flesh and Blood

Christophe Luxereau > Electrum Corpus

Eduardo Kac > Time Capsule, A Positive

Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen Breed > Notnot

Joan Fontcuberta > Hemograms

J. Holt > Transhuman

Kevin Warwick > Body Embedded Chips

Drew Berry > Body Code

Emily Watson > Jewelry Influenced by Body Image

Etoy > Mission Eternity>

Eve Laramee > Cellular Memories

Suzanne Anker

Victoria Vesna > Bodies Inc.

Virgil Wong > Male Pregnancy, PlayDoctor, PhineasMap, Corporal Garden (MRI Imagery Projection), NanoDocs

Zoran Todorovic > Surgery Performance


Stelarc – The Body is Obsolete – Contemporary Arts Media

One on One – Eduardo Kac


History of Surgery (episode 1 Part 1)

History of Surgery (episode 1 Part 2)

Face Shift — Arthur Elsenaar, Remko Scha — 2005

Stelarc: The Man with Three Ears

French artist Orlan: ‘Narcissism is important’

Corps étranger

TERMINALBEACH: The Heart Chamber Orchestra, Biofeedback Performance, From 2006

Feature Film Trailers: