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Midterm Presentations | How To



  • Download the midterm template with the sample project and use that to fill it in with your own.
  • Most Presentation software opens the PPT file.
  • The Abstract, Concept / Topic, Context & Precedence and Conclusion sections should all contain 100 to 200 words.
  • Make sure to save the midterm presentation with the following naming convention:
  • Making your presentation smaller is always best. Check below the guidelines to reduce image files.


1. You can touch on any number of topics / go in any number of directions that is somehow connected to what we have covered / seen in class up to now.

2. Your proposal can be practical / humorous / fictional /  academic. Regardless of your approach — you need to show research to back up your concept / idea.

3. Connect to your strengths — use knowledge you have from your major or extra-curricular interests.

4. Illustrate your idea with images you collage together or do your own photography / drawing.  (make sure to credit your source if not original)

5. If you know someone who is really good at drawing / illustration / photography / infographic — don’t shy away from asking for help — as long as it it your concept they are illustrating and you credit them properly. I encourage collaboration!

6. Follow the guidelines on the web for the size of images / how to upload.

7. Do not hesitate to contact me or your TA if you have questions!

(download the template above corresponding to your class to fill in your information):

Page 1: Title Page (HONORS177: Biotechnology + Art. Title. Name.)

Page 2: Abstract(100~200 words)

Page 3: Concept/Topic (100~200 words)

Page 4: Context & Precedents (100~200 words) 

Page 5-9: Project Proposal + Original Diagram/Illustration (100~200 words for each page)

Page 10: Conclusion (100~200 words)

Page 11: References (5 minimum). Please use the MLA Handbook for format guidelines

Page 12: Bibliography/Links (20 minimum). Please use the MLA Handbook for format guidelines (Links to an external site.)

* The difference between references and bibliography/links is that you talk about the references in your texts. Materials that you looked at but did not mention in your texts go into the bibliography/links.

If you are using HiRes images optimize them before placing in the PowerPoint/Keynote presentation.

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. Select menu Image/Image Size.
  3. Select Scale Styles and Constrain Proportions, deselect Resample Image and change the Resolution to 72 pixels/inch
  4. Select Resample Image and deselect Scale Styles.
  5. Reduce the Pixel Dimensions where the larger dimension is not bigger than 500 pixels.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select menu File/Save for Web & Devices.
  8. Choose JPEG High, click Save, rename the file and Save.
  9. Close the file in Photoshop without saving.

If you do not have powerpoint you can download one of the following open source alternatives.

PowerPoint Alternatives:
GoogleDocs – (online, any OS, allows importing the PPT)

Photoshop alternatives:
GIMP – (windows, linux, mac)
Pixlr – (web based)