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References / Readings


Defining Life: Artists Challenge Conventional Classification, Ellen K. Levy

Meanings of Participation: Outlaw Biology?, Chris Kelty

Observations on an Art of Growing Interest: Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Art Involving Biotechnology, Jens Hauser

What Was Life?, Stefan Helmreich

Tactical Biopolitics, Beatriz da Costa and Kavita Philip


Biotechnology + Art Introduction

Biotechnology Lecture Part 1

Biotechnology Lecture Part 2

Biotechnology Lecture Part 3

Biotechnology Lecture Part 4

Biotechnology Lecture Part 5






Featured Films Synopsis:

Microscopic Image

Genetic Engineering + Humans

Transcending the Human

Looking within

NOVA/ The Ghost in Your Genes

Henrietta Lacks

Interview with Rebecca Skloot: the Story of HeLa

NOVA / Replacing Body Parts

The Human Canvas


The Case Against Perfection, by Michael J. Sandel, NY Times Review
Would Your Clone Have Its Own Soul, or Be a Soulless Version of You?
Testing Genes, Solving Little
The Genetic Archaeology of Race
Bodies in Biotechnology: Embodied Models for Understanding Biotechnology in Contemporary Art
Obama ends stem cell funding ban
Researchers Take Step Toward Synthetic Life
Toward Synthetic Life: Scientists Create Ribosomes — Cell Protein Machinery
Scientific American News Scan Briefs: Weak on the Nano Risk
Weird biotechnology that re-grows body parts [Video]
Homo Economicus Commercialization of Body Tissue in the Age of Biotechnology [JSTOR]
Kim Toffoletti, Cyborgs and Barbie dolls exerpt
How Stuff Works: Biotechnology
How Do You Like Your Genes? Biofabs Take Orders

H.G. Wells, Biotechnology, and Genetic Engineering: A Dystopic Vision [pdf]
Impeding Genetic Engineering
Government Fails to Assess Potential Dangers of Nanotechnology
My Genome, My Self
“Constructive biology” will reshape biotech