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Stigma of Aging

Society has put a negative perspective on aging, which is a natural process for our body. To counter our body’s natural tendency to age, we have utilized biotechnology to produce products that will hopefully help us make us look younger. As the artist of the Aging symposium has demonstrated, it’s become popular for older people to color their grey or white hair to disguise their real age. Wigs have also become a popular accessory people use to cover their aging hair.

Here’s a picture of the againg symposium displaying wigs:

These demonstrations illustrate how “anti-aging” our society is.

Here is a picture of the artist with her natual agin hair color and the “young” hair color. Then, in the middle, the in-between phase is depicted to show the two extremes, where her natural hair color and the other color essentially collide into one another.

Here is another example where our society is discriminating aging and has become “agist”. This is really disturbing as aging is a natural process and we continuously try to fight the mother nature with our “intelligent” inventions.

According to, old age is undesirable as our culture is obsessed with youth. Nowasdays, it has become abnormal for people to NOT have cosmetic surgery. This is a saddening truth and ironic to the videos shown in class. Age should insinuate wisdom, not shame!

Here’s an interesting article describing how now the middle age is 60 instead of 40 due to cosmetic surgery. As the artist of the aging symposium mentioned, in the past, people lived to around 40’s and now it’s doubled! This demonstrate how powerful biotechnology is.

Here’s an article on Wedmd that discusses how our society is being anti-aging with all the products we have, such as anti-wrinkle cream.




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Melissa Davis

05 / 15 / 12


Wow, I can’t believe how more

Wow, I can’t believe how more and more people are having cosmetic surgery, to the point of it beng totally normal! I wonder what anti-aging will look like with the biotechnology that will have been invented when we’re 60!

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