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The Food We’ve been Eating isn’t What it Seems.

I have been trying to be meticulous of what I eat by eating more vegetables and choosing brown rice. However, after watching “Nova: Harvest of Fear”, I realized that I haven’t been as careful as I thought! It really is scary because many, as depicted in the video, don’t even realize that they have been eating genetically modified food. I, for one, definitely have been clueless. I knew about Monsanto and the despicable actions they do to the farmers to increase their profit. From the GMO food shown in the video, I know that I have been eating GMO food (especially corn) and will educate myself in learning how to avoid it in the near future.

I think the consumers deserve the right to know what they are eating and campaigns against GMO food should seek out in educating the public. When I first looked at the topic, I thought that I would feel proud of myself for what I have been eating. Compare to the past, I have been eating a lot healthier: eggplants, spinach, tofu, etc. I didn’t think that GMO food would be an issue with what I have been currently consuming. However, as it turns out, what I have been eating is not what I have thought what I’ve been eating! Even the brown rice that I’ve been eating may not really be brown rice! The brands of the food I eat are on the following list of GMO free food. Therefore, I will try my best to look out for the following brands.

Technology has always been highly regarded as an enhancement to our society. However, after learning about biotechnology of genetically modified foods, I’m not sure if it is a gift or an omen. I found the statement “making fish grow faster” to be disgusting, yet this is the food I’m provided. The fear of GMO food is both ignorance and cost. Since GMO food permits massive production, the price will be cheaper on the market. Whereas, “normal” food will be expensive. People living with budgets will not be able to afford avoiding GMO food, which is depriving people of their prerogative to healthy food. For example, many will not be able to regularly shop at farmer’s markets due to the cost. Additionally, GMO food hasn’t been out long enough for us to know the consequences, but it is against nature. Throughout the last decades, we have learned that going against nature will lead to dire consequences (i.e., injecting hormones to cows). Another problem we will face is that people are not aware of the existence of GMO food! Then how are they able to avoid and fight against it? Thus, it is imperative that we educate the public. Here’s a guide so people can start!

I also found it relevant to provide some information of Monsanto as it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, genetically modified food companies. They modify seeds and patent them and have been bankrupting farmers to minimize competition!

I have provided some pictures as to how our foods are currently manufactured and what it looks like scientifically! This is just too scary!

~Jen-Ling Nieh


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Melissa Davis's picture

Melissa Davis

04 / 16 / 12

Thanks for the list of non-GM

Thanks for the list of non-GM foods! I’m trying to figure out if, overall, genetically modifying foods is a bad idea.  I know you said that it’s “against nature.” But what do you think of the Ted Talks video by Barry Schuler, when he says that genetically modfiying food IS natural? He states that all chemcials are natural, but that scientists are just finding the best ways to apply them. Do you think this is valid?

George Lai

04 / 18 / 12

GM foods

I agree with you Melissa, GM foods are natural, but I feel you can also take this in a different context to where this would not normally occur in nature as, hence “against nature”. Also it is can be said that it’s forced since most of these genes are integrated between species which does not happen or is extremely rare in nature. 

As for the list, I also stumbled upon it while I was doing my research on this topic and, like many people out there, I also like the idea of knowing what I am eating. I’ve found that list to be very helpful in discerning what to eat.

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