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The Influence of Biotechnology

I found Noa’s artwork to be unique and intriguing. She magnifies micro objects in hopes of raising awareness of the audience. For example, the dust bunny and the pollen. From her presentation, I was able to see her interest in art evolve and become part of her life. As Professor Vesna has said, from what Noa has learned for her artwork, she has also modified her diet. Thus, her artwork is also becoming a lifestyle, a way of life. This concept is empowering and I find it inspiring. I look forward to her many more future artworks and am interested in the changes that she can bring forth with her artwork. Lastly, I wish her success in bringing audience to become aware of the issues Noa is trying to illustrate through her artwork.

From the idea of biotechnology in our food and animals. I wanted to see the influence of biotechnology in something else that I use daily, which is make up. With every women aspiring to slow down the effect of aging, many cosmetic products are being advertised and used. Therefore, I decided to examine how biotechnology plays a role in the production of cosmetics. From the various subcategories of biotechnology, medical and agricultural branches of the biotech industry affects cosmetics and personal-care industry the most due to the scientific findings of sources for ingredients and actives used in cosmetics. More importantly, biotechnology also transformed the pharmaceutical industry. For example, people can now use both oral and topical medication to treat acne. Biotechnoloy has definitely provided advancements, however, it can also be questionable. Similar to food, people often don’t know the ingredients inside the product, which can sometimes do more harm than damage. Animals and plants are often used in the production of cosmetics as well, such as marine biologist. For example, there are numerous products that utilize seaweed. With biotechnology on the rise, more and more products consist properties of biotechnology in them. Similar to the issue of modified genetic food, people need to be more educated and aware of what they are using on their body.




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